April 2013

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Pathways to Health Partners have been collaborating this month to move community health improvement efforts forward.

Progress toward the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP):

  • The last of the 4 MAPP assessments was completed April 30th. Public health leaders identified Forces of Change that will impact the priority areas of our CHIP over the next 3 years.
    • Issues such as changing legislation, uncertainty of funding, and promising practices were discussed.
    • These trends will be highlighted in the CHIP.
  • Over 40 agencies have contributed to the CHIP so far. We greatly appreciate the connections our community partners are making.
  • The CHIP information gathering survey will remain open. Please feel free to contribute your program’s information at any time. The more informed we are, the better connections we make, and the greater the impact we can have:


Our Alliance Groups have been making connections to make a difference:

  • Healthy Places– Progress continues with the Tulsa County Wellness Partnership to promote Complete Street Resolutions.  This progress is important to ensuring all residents have access to opportunities to be physically active where they live, work, learn and play.
  • Healthy Kids– There will be a School Health Index training on May 16-17. Email Erika with the Oklahoma School Health Index Collaborative for more information and to register. erickaw@health.ok.gov
  • Healthy Aging- The Degrees of Geriatrics Consortium continues to promote collaboration among its community partners as well as with higher education providers to ensure there are opportunities in this discipline for the next generation of elder care providers.
  • Healthy Choices- The Tulsa Food Security Council and the Oklahoma Farm and Food Alliance continue to work on a food policy analysis to better understand the policy needs in our food system.  Farmer’s Markets have begun their 2013 seasons! Find your closest Farmer’s Market here.
  • Healthy Worksites– The 4th Annual Health at Work Conference will be taking place in OKC on May 22nd. More information can be found here.
  • Access to Health Care– Please email us if you are interested in receiving communication from the Access to Health Care Co-Chairs.

Check the Alliance Group pages to find additional information as well as relevant meeting information.

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