THD is blazing a new trail toward greater collaboration and outcomes with a new community resource:  Pathways to Health.

P2H is a round table of health initiatives for our community.  It brings together member agencies, institutions, businesses, foundations and other community-health stakeholders to share ideas, increase synergies, and complement each other’s strengths.

The journey toward a healthier community is one all community partners share.  P2H clears the way for us to arrive at our goals together. Rather than recreating the wheel, P2H acts as the wheel’s hub to convene Tulsa’s greatest community health advocates in one place.  Our alliance meetings provide a positive forum to discuss new ideas, successful strategies and emerging challenges.  It’s your opportunity to see all the pieces of the community health puzzle — and to network with others about your mission, specific needs and latest outcomes.

Pathways to Health makes it easier for our community to know where we’ve been — and where we need to go for the greatest good.  We’ve conducted and gathered extensive grass-roots level research on our community’s unique health concerns and needs.  From healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition to crime prevention and public safety, we put powerful data in your hands.  It’s a valuable advantage for better grant writing, decision making and resource allocation.

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